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Who Knows What’s Best

Posted: July 30th, 2014, by christianwest

Does it bother anyone other than me that the Supreme Court of the United States makes some of the most important U. S. Constitutional decisions by a margin of one (1). Suffice it to say, one person is making all the difference in many cases. The 5-4 vote makes it clear that one person, the so-called “swing vote,” is more important than all the reasonings of  other Courts, State Legislatures, and the voting public.

Greg Abbott, Attorney General of Texas, and front runner for Governor in the next election, has filed an Appeals Court brief that makes sense in my view. Listen:

“Issues are often more complex than judges and lawyers think, and their legal training gives them no comparative advantage in resolving the complex value judgments and empirical questions that go into deciding questions such as whether same-sex marriage should be legal,” the brief said. (Associated Press)

He goes on to say, “the voters of Texas  have the right under the U.S. Constitution’s equal protection clause, the same amendment often cited by ban opponents, to define marriage in a way that best supports children.” (IBID.)

Same-sex marriage is aberrant, family destroying, child damaging behavior condemned clearly by God Himself. Every intellectually honest person knows that. Our society often demands that a jury, in certain cases, produce a unanimous decision regarding guilt or innocence. Perhaps it’s time to require the same of the Supreme Court.

Wonder how many cases would get decided – ever.

The End is Near

Posted: July 30th, 2014, by christianwest

I remember once or twice seeing one of those guys on the street with a signboard that said, “The end is near!” Lots of cartoons have pictured the same thing. Most folks have never taken them seriously. Perhaps it is time to consider their commentary on society.

The brutal al Qaeda spin-off in Iraq known as Islamic State, has released a video warning Iraqi soldiers they risk being rounded up en masse and executed if they continue to resist Islamic State rule . Jillian Kitchener reports. (Reuters)

We paid a high price to bring about change in Iraq – which seems to be unraveling daily under the assault of these terrorists.

It almost seems that the United States Government is more concerned about the terrorist Hamas organization than they are our long-time ally Israel.

Our Secretary of State has seemingly made no headway in Gaza. I am not sure our President cares about what is going on in Iraq. For those who tend toward being isolationists, I suppose this is all good news.

God has a plan for the United States of America. We seem Hell-bent on testing His patience. As the terrorists succeed they will  continue to expand (and these are only two of the terrorist groups around the World) and history should tell us there will come a time when we will no longer be able to defend ourself against those God would use to demonstrate His wrath.