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Priests of What?

Posted: October 30th, 2014, by christianwest

God said he would make His Church a Kingdom of Priests. One would assume then that every Priest would be a member of the Kingdom. Seems that is not always the case.

London (AFP) – Two percent of Anglican clergy do not believe in God, according to a poll on Tuesday in which dozens of respondents said they were “not sure ‘God’ is more than a human construct”. Nine percent also chose the phrase “No-one can know what God is like”.  Three percent went for: “There is some sort of spirit or life force.” David Paterson, a retired Church of England priest from the Sea of Faith network which rejects the traditional belief in one personal God and claims to represent dozens of vicars, said he saw no contradiction. “I preach using God’s terminology but never with the suggestion that God actually exists,” he told the University Times, Trinity College Dublin’s newspaper.

I have always wondered why a man (or woman) would choose to be a “priest” if they do not believe that God exists, and is quite clear in His revelation regarding His character and nature.

But then I wonder why some people who claim to be part of the Church of Jesus Christ (which the New Testament calls “a Royal Priesthood”) live as if God is not serious about His Truth. Holiness, obedience, self-sacrifice, submission, and llove, are just not a part of their lifestyle. I am amazed at people who have ostensibly “given their life to Christ “but never with the suggestion that God actually exists.”

One thing I never wonder about is the grace of God. It is sufficient for all who choose to genuinely believe.

Just Admit It

Posted: October 28th, 2014, by christianwest

Some people just can’t admit it’s a problem. Everyone knows it is. Almost everyone wants it to change. Some people refuse to admit the problem exists and try to change the circumstance of the problem without having to admit the truth. That seldom if ever works. It is in admitting that the problem exists that we begin to find a solution.

I could give several examples (and I will give a couple), but society supplies a ready one. Some people are “up in arms” over a Walmart advertisement. I will admit it might be in poor taste, but it is true, and the people who get most upset are the people unwilling to admit there is a problem.

Retail giant Walmart caused a stir on Monday, after a listing for plus-size Halloween outfits appeared on their website under the heading “Fat Girl Costumes.” The widespread outrage caused by the ill-advised labeling made “Fat Girl Costumes” a top trend on the micro-blogging site, with several other users expressing their indignation. (TIME)

The truth is some people are fat. Many people agree (certainly not all) that being overweight is a problem. But we don’t want anyone to infer that truth. We don’t want that truth to become  public knowledge when it comes to us as individuals. Some are willing to hide behind “plus size” as an acceptable alternative.

The truth is some people are mean-spirited. Some people are gossips. Some people are selfish,  and are happy only if they get their way. It’s an ugly truth. . .but it is true. We make up all kinds of acceptable words to cover that truth, but it doesn’t change the facts.

The only way to not be fat is to loose weight. The only way to not be all those other things is to submit to the Spirit of God and a life of discipline in the Truth. I have to submit to God and loose weight too. How about you?