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Busy Work

Posted: October 22nd, 2014, by christianwest

I keep wondering if American citizens really will not work at certain kinds of jobs thereby requiring the influx of immigrants (mostly illegal) to accomplish those tasks. Maybe people won’t work because they can live fairly well using Government assistance programs, and/or because they are just unwilling to work at anything at all.

It appears that there are going to be a lot of immigrants staying (having arrived illegally) or coming in the future if the actions of the Government speak to the issue.

We are told that the current Administration is looking for a vendor to supply five (5) million cards a year with the contract calling for 34 million in the next five years. I am wondering if there are really going to be 34 million new jobs, unwanted by American citizens, available in the next five years? We certainly don’t want to encourage immigrants to come if there are no jobs for them, right?

The President has said he will act if Congress does not. There is some question about his authority to do so. But, a note from AP helps to clear up the question:

The president does not have the legal authority to unilaterally offer immigrants in the country illegally green cards or any other permanent immigration status. But administration officials have said the president can authorize protection from deportation for immigrants on a case-by-case basis, such as with the DACA program, and issue work permits. (Associated Press)

It seems to me the President is not going to have much time to play golf if he is doing a case-by-case study of each individual who is going to receive one of these five million cards – let’s see that is approximately 13,698 cases per day – which will have to be approved by him, and if I understand “case-by-case” that means studying each individual case “one at a time.” (But I repeat myself.)  Maybe we need to consider adding another layer of bureaucracy to help him with the load. Maybe. . .a “green card” Czar. The man needs his golf.

Just saying. . . .


Flying High

Posted: October 20th, 2014, by christianwest

Now, for a little humor (I hope). I am amazed at how some folks choose to invest their leisure time. Parachuting is one of those sports that seems to me to be without sense at all. Ditto for those who “fly” the motor powered wings. But most of my incredibility thoughts are reserved for those brave, yet, in my opinion, foolhardy individuals who fly in “winged suits.” Perhaps you have seen video of them jumping off mountain tops and soaring through narrow canyons and such. Well, here is a new take.

Imagine this situation for a moment. You are a pilot preparing for landing. You’ve checked airspeed, alerted cabin and crew, and are all set to make your final descent when all of a sudden you see a guy flying right outside the cockpit window. However surreal, that’s what the pilots of one early summer flight have reported seeing high above the town of Macclesfield, in the United Kingdom; now tentatively dubbed by the public as the “Superman of Macclesfield.”According to the UK’s Daily Mail, the mystery man soared within 320 feet of the massive Airbus A320 on June 13; though at no point during visual contact did he ever appear on radar or deploy a parachute of any sort. (Yahoo News)

It was undoubtedly one of those “wing suit” guys.

I couldn’t help but think about the Rapture. Imagine being a pilot for American or United, Southwest or Delta – and not being one of the redeemed, of course – and as you approach your landing the Rapture begins. All of a sudden “those who remain” are being “caught up in the air” and suddenly you are surrounded by flying people. Some of your crew and passengers will be ascending while you are descending. (see 1 Thessalonians 4:13ff)

I suppose it is not humorous, really. My suggestion is that you find out how to be part of the “ascending” rather than the “descending” on that day. Contact a Truth teaching Church near you. They can help.