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Pray For Israel

If we are not careful we can forget that the end of the age revolves around Israel. We are encouraged by the Scripture to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. (Psalm 122)

The current situation reminds me of the phenomenon we often see on the football field. Someone takes the opportunity to commit a foul of a personal nature ( e. g. poking someone illegally in the bottom of a pile) and the flag most often comes for the retaliatory strike rather than the initial hit.

Israel is often condemned for “being an aggressor” when in reality they are subject to repeated┬ámilitary strikes from Gaza, and other places, while they are simply going about their business.

Regardless of how the “warring” factions might be seen, we have our direction as Believers. Be about it.

P. S. This will be the only “lloveletter” this week. Thanks for a few days off.

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  1. dp

    It is interesting to watch things unfold….

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