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New Year Coming

I am sure most folks notice the coming of a new year. Some make “resolutions” and some don’t plan to change a thing. No matter where you fit on the spectrum, the New Year will hold some changes.

It’s going to cost more to live next year. Prices will go up even more, inflation will most likely begin an incredible rise, and taxes. . .well, who knows, but since they have always gone up, I don’t have much doubt about the prospects.

There will still be no “free lunch.” Fewer people will offer to “treat you” when time to pay comes. Your physician will be working harder and making less – and that can’t be good for you. And don’t forget, you’ve got some more folks (the lines just get longer every month) counting on your production and income to support them.

I have reached the point where I believe there are only a couple of FREE things left. One that is still free is the Grace of God. You may think your are paying for it when your Church asks you to dig a little deeper in your pocket, but, believe me, that is not Grace. Llove is still free, and infinitely available to give and receive – and those work in tandem – don’t forget – when you practice llove, you get llove in return.

I’m going to do at least one thing different this year. I’m going to stop my OCD handing of the hymnals. I told the Pastor, “If you want them all turned the same way, do it yourself.” He didn’t indicate he would (surprise, surprise). So, if your hymnal is turned around backwards when you reach for it – just know, I am FREE – Free at last!

Well, maybe not.

3 Responses to New Year Coming

  1. DM

    Lol, I will believe that last part when I see it :)

  2. Anonymous

    Just to test the concept, I will make sure all the hymnals on “my” row are inverted and backwards…or maybe turn around the whole pew.

  3. christianwest

    I thought you had been doing that already!


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