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Movin’ On Up

I have been thinking about moving to another house. I have lived in my current house for a loooooong time. I am confident that I could not sell it for enough money to buy my new one, but, perhaps if everyone who reads this note could send me a dollar. . .nevermind, $6 won’t help much either.

I am thinking maybe I should move to Los Altos, California (as soon as my benefactor, the Preacher, get a job there). I don’t particularly like California (I lived there for about six months back in the late ’60′s). They weren’t quite as crazy then as they are now.

What fueled my interest was the price of homes there. It must be a taste of Heaven – According to the real estate people it is the priciest housing in the Country.

1. Los Altos, Calif.

> Avg. listing price: $1,706,688

> Median household income: $149,964

> Pct. households $200,000+ income: 43.6%

In Los Altos, the average four-bedroom, two-bathroom home lists for nearly $50,000 more than any other city in the nation.


On the other hand, I could just wait for Heaven. I am sure it is coming soon enough, and since I have been placing my treasure there for some time now, it is surely where my heart is.

Have you spent much time accessing where your treasure is? God said that is the place you will find your heart.

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