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It’s A Joke, Right?

Trillion dollar coins? I could use a couple to get out of debt and on to retirement. It would only take one to keep our little Church operating for quite a while – assuming inflation isn’t more than we are expecting.

It seems clear our Government is less than serious about the serious problem that faces our Nation. Karl Rove, the Republican strategist argued, in his Wall Street Journal column this morning, Republicans should stick with the so-called “Boehner Rule,” which as Rove notes, “requires matching any debt increase dollar for dollar with spending cuts.” (Yahoo News)

So I understand this marvelous idea like this. I tell my bride that the way to handle our debt is to cut our spending in 2013 to the same dollar amounts which I increased our 2013 budget. She immediately begin to throw up a lot of flak about our income which is a few thousand less than my excellent budget (as if that has anything to do with it), and shouted (I mean “intoned”) ”how exactly is that going to have any effect on the debt we have accrued over the last 50 years of blissful marriage?”

Obviously, she just doesn’t get it.

It sorta reminds me of the people who have decided to sin less this year than they did last year. . .or at least less than they planned to. . .and that somehow that is going to merit the favor of God who will simply forgo the debt incurred by the curse of sin. It just doesn’t work that way. Our debt must be paid. Trillion dollar coins won’t help. Only the blood of the Savior’s redemption is sufficient to cancel that debt.

And that’s no joke!

3 Responses to It’s A Joke, Right?

  1. DLC

    The most precious blood ever on the earth, because it is valuable enough to cover my sin debt.

  2. DM

    Amen & Amen!

  3. Anonymous

    I wonder if people ever say that “I am going to sin less?” They seemingly make promises to “be better” or something along those lines. Maybe if they used the word “sin,” it might mean that they are being pointed in the right direction or at least have the idea that they are offending Someone.
    On the debt thing, if our monetary debt is 16+ trillion dollars, what is our national “sin” debt and the impending consequence(s)? I am not sure we can fathom those “disasters.”

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