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Mountains and Molehills

Back when I was younger (yesterday and earlier) there was an expression regarding “making mountains out of molehills.” It was the process of taking something that seemed unimportant and using it to create a problem of significant proportions.

There is a middle-school teacher who is fighting for her career (10 years as a teacher) because she posted on her social media site a picture of some of her students with duct tape over their mouths and the caption – “finally found a way to keep them quiet.” Everyone admits that the kids put the duct tape on while having a good time. So the issue has been whether or not the teacher violated their privacy rights by posting the picture.

Tip: If you post pictures of someone other than yourself on the Internet, you might want to reconsider. Big brother is always watching.

What amazes me however, is that now, after months of wrangling and the teacher being on unpaid leave awaiting a hearing, the molehill is becoming a mountain –

“Why was there duct tape in the classroom? How did they [the students] come to have access to it,” said Haas [a school board member]. “We’ll have these answers to these questions later.” (Good Morning America online)

Guns, knives, grenades, bombs, even sharp scissors I suppose – but “duct tape.” It is absolutely true – common sense has died in our society!

Here’s a word to the wise Believers who want to please God – don’t be posting pictures of your little kiddies in Sunday School on Face Book. And, for Heaven’s sake, check that classroom for duct tape – and cellophane tape is soon to be suspect as well I’m sure.

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  1. Anonymous

    She should have had a picture of the class with someone from glaad, she would have been teacher of the year…….or maybe a petition to release the blind bomber guy..I just wonder where the brown-shirts are?

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