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It seems like everyone is “evolving” these days in their thinking regarding a variety of matters. It is especially true of politicians. What they stood for before is what they later opposed, which was before  they “evolved” so that now they stand for what they previously opposed before they stood for it.

Confused? Me too. Here is a comment made today (1/31/13) by one politician about another politician:

“Who are we getting — the guy today or the guy who said things before?” (ABC News)

Christians don’t have that option. I know, I know, a lot believe they do have options. A number of folks use that same kind of political rhetoric and practice attempting to “stay in the game” we often mistakenly call “church.” The Scripture is clear that those who would turn from the Truth (having once been enlightened -Hebrews 6) have never been a part of the family of God to begin with. It’s a dangerous thing to “evolve” when one is handling the Truth which God has so clearly revealed.

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  1. Anonymous

    It seems self explanatory that they never belonged. God knew it, they knew it, we learn it by their life style.

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