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Lies Damage Everything

Telling lies (speaking that which is not true) has become a way of life for our society. From the most simple lies – a young child who says, “he started it,” knowing that is not the truth – to the most complex – lies told by Government’s highest officers which affect the entire operation of our Nation – lying is standard fare.

Some liars are just dumb, (like husband who tell their wife they were out fishing all night) and they are easily found out. Other liars are very cunning, crafty (right words – check your dictionary) folk who damage everyone one and everything in their path.

It’s hard to hear the “news,” or read the “paper,” or browse the Internet and not be literally saturated with lies of one kind or another. Lying (usually quite subtle) mail arrives in your box frequently. People who sell you things often lie. Even in “spiritual” things, especially from those who are prominent on television, lies abound with such frequency only God knows how much damage is caused in the life of hearers.

There is a simple – yes, simple, solution. Follow the Truth. God said, through Paul, the Apostle in Ephesians 4:25 - “Put away lying, speak the Truth, each one to his neighbor, because we are members of one another.”

I fear we have come to accept lying as necessary, useful, even, at times, commendable. In politics especially, in most endeavors generally, lying has become part and parcel of conversation, and is so prevalent, many can no longer discern what is True and what is gross prevarication.

It would be safe to say if our practices do not change (as┬áNational leaders and public personalities, as “so-called” purveyors of Truth, as average, every-day people) our Nation, indeed our World, will become a more and more intolerable and inhospitable place to live (forget “greenhouse gases”). Our only hope is that God’s patience will be exhausted and the Bride of Christ will be removed from this Earth to that glorious existence where lying is non-existent and peace, llove and joy fill the “Now” of forever.

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