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The Final Separation

Sometimes guy and gals just invent what they need to solve the problems they have. I can’t imagine anyone who would want to displace and discard the creme from an Oreo cookie, but there is one guy who does. So. . .

The OSM, as Neevel calls it, was constructed of scrap aluminum, wood, a hatchet and floss in a Portland garage. After the hatchet blade is lowered to split the Oreo, a pair of mechanical arms are dispatched to collect the cookie halves, which are transferred to a router table where the creme is removed. (Yahoo News)

Regardless of how you like your Oreos, be aware that God will one day separate the Believers from the unbelievers. You will want to make sure you know the Savior.  Separation will occur based on your acceptance or rejection of Him.

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2 Responses to The Final Separation

  1. Anonymous

    And thank God, that He has taken that nasty sin filling from me….
    Off topic I know, but I just wonder if “Oreo” will ever sell just the cookie…they make the double creme…maybe a half creme is on the

  2. christianwest

    I guess a “half-creme” would be good for some. I am waiting for the “triple creme.”


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