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Words mean things. I am convinced that one of the significant problems in the operation of the Church of Jesus Christ is a semantics issue. We used a lot of words – especially those who consider themselves to be uniquely brilliant – and often, those words are misunderstood, or worse, not understood at all.

It has come to us (the Church) from all of society. Government, via the “media” is a big contributor. Consider the following -

The “half-truths” about tomorrow’s budget cuts:
With looming across-the-board budget cuts set to take effect tomorrow if Congress and the White House fail to reach a deal, there have been a lot of “apocalyptic” warnings coming from Washington.
(Yahoo News)

What is a “half-truth?” Where do we arrive as such a word combination? In the Church we often hear things like this said to children - “God lloves you when you are being good.” That is not a half-truth, that is a lie. There is no such thing as a half-truth. “The Bible has principles to assist you through life.” That is not a half-truth, that is a lie.

The Truth is, there is Truth and there is that which is not Truth. God lloves you whether you are good or not. The Bible does not contain principles to assist you - rather the Bible is the Word of God revealed to make a radical change in you via a new birth and conformity to the image of Christ.

The United States will not fall apart on Friday. You will not even notice that the “sequester” has happened (if it does). The “half-truths” are lies. Plain, simple, bald-face lies.

And, God will llove you no matter what happens or what you do. See John 3:16 for “fact-checking” purposes.

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