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Too Much?

How much is too much? How many Church activities? How much Bible Study? How long a prayer time? How long must sermons be. . .or rather how short should they be? How much “righteousness” is enough for the “average” Believer?

Talk to any group of people who gather in a building on Sunday and you will find a plethora of answers to the questions. Some will opt for “more.” Many. . .or most, for less. But the one thing that is almost universally true is that by mid-day on Monday, or a whole lot sooner, we will return to our busy lives, pursue our goals, fight our battles, and try to sleep at night without reliving our days in our dreams.

We are convinced that we are “doing our best,” and allotted time does not allow for increased concentration on things other than those already on our agenda. Little changes are sparse. Big changes are almost non-existent, and most folks continue on as they have for their adult lifetime.

So then, what shall become of the Truth? A wise man would say that it fails to come to fruition – not because it can’t or won’t, but because we prohibit its life – and real freedom is lost. (see John 8: 30-32 – if you can spare the time.)

2 Responses to Too Much?

  1. dm

    We must act, not just listen!

  2. dp

    We should examine ourselves daily, and learn what we are to do daily…we are all inundated with tasks that are not very important (that seem to take over our lives).

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