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Hearing Impaired

The Pastor has been after me for a few weeks to get some additional assisted hearing devices for our system. We have been short one or two on occasion, and he doesn’t want anyone to not hear his fabulous messages (see tongue in cheek).

So this morning I ordered some. . .and it started me thinking – there are more hearing impaired folks in our Churches than we originally thought.

Granted some are just getting older and hearing loss seems to be one of the first “losses” many experience. But for the majority of “hearing impaired” people it has nothing to do with age or health. It is a loss that comes because we are distracted by the overflow of mind activities that assault us all the while we are awake. For others, it is just being tired, and if the prayer time exceeds a few seconds – sleep comes unabated. Then there are those, of course, who do not hear simply because they do not want to hear. To hear demands a response, brings a conviction, or challenges our faith. To hear requires an action – perhaps positive, or negative, but none-the-less that we do “something.”

We can fix the former problem. Devices are on the way. As for the latter, well. . .we must leave that with the Father. Surely, surely, all will respond to His voice.

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  1. Adams

    Conversation is not communication. Communication takes place when the listener hears exactly what the speaker is saying. No hearing device can correct that.

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