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“Duty to God”

What did the National Council of Boy Scouts think would happen as a result of their recent vote? It stretches credulity to think that they were unaware that the LGBT agenda would not press forward with renewed vigor until the organization complies with their wishes.

Two Utah Boy Scout leaders could lose their memberships unless they agree to apologize to local organization officials for marching with other Scouts in the Utah Pride Parade in Salt Lake City. (ABC News) [Editor's note: They refused to apologize]

While the men in question are “straight,” (according to the News story) the one who was quoted in the article said  he  felt it their responsibility to be “supportive of my fellow human beings.” (IBID.)

A Boy Scout spokesman said, “It is unfortunately that these individuals chose to use a youth program to seek attention for themselves and to advance a personal agenda. When individuals inadvertently or willfully choose not to follow BSA regulations, we remind them of Scouting’s policies and that to simply disobey a rule because you disagree with it is not an example to set for youth.” (IBID.) [Editor's note: God has "regulations" too]

We must be reminded that for each of us our “duty to God” (see the Boy Scout oath) is obedience to His revealed Word. It is all but impossible to teach children to do something that the teacher cannot himself do.

Scouting is on the slope.

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