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Deterrence or What Exactly?

I suppose one who is not familiar with how to “run a war” should just keep silent. But. . . foolishness is still practiced by those who have little regard for the consequences.

WASHINGTON (AP)U.S. officials are still grappling with how to design a military strike to deter future chemical weapons attacks in Syria and trying to assess how President Bashar Assad would respond, two senior officials said Wednesday, as the Obama administration insisted the Syrian government must be punished.

If the “design” is to deter future chemical weapons attacks, the answer is easily clear. Just destroy the chemicals. Either we know where they are or we do not. How President Bashar Assad responds is of no consequence if he has no “weapons of mass destruction” with which to respond. Obviously we don’t consider the use of knives, guns, and bombs a problem since we have remained silent as those weapons have killed thousands. . .both in Syria and in other places, especially Africa (think Sudan, Darfur, etc.) in very recent days.

The administration also is concerned that if Assad is not punished. . . (IBID.)

I wonder how it is that we (The United States) have become the “punisher” in this case. We seem to be uninterested in punishing multitudes of others who have committed atrocities all over the globe.

“Allowing the use of chemical weapons on a significant scale [emphasis mine] to take place without a response would present a significant challenge to, threat to [sic] the United States’ national security,” White House spokesman Jay Carney said Tuesday. (IBID.)

Why don’t we just encourage Assad to use “small” amounts of chemicals. When they (the enemy) arrive here, it will take them a long time to kill all of us if they go slowly.

This Nation is morally bankrupt. Our Leadership seems to be mentally challenged. Our future – politically, economically, and culturally is dark with reality.

Time to pray for the “sound of the trumpet,” don’t you think?

3 Responses to Deterrence or What Exactly?

  1. dp

    AMEN, and we the people need to fire a shot “across the bow” of D.C. (and California, NY, NJ, WA, OR, etc).

  2. Jr

    Our military can’t simply “destroy” the chemicals. If we were to bomb the compound where the chemicals are, some of the chemicals would be released into the air. We kind of want to avoid that.

  3. christianwest

    Thanks for your note. It is my understanding that we have the capability to incinerate the chemicals so that they are no longer viable.
    My point, however, is that what we hear as proposals for “punishment” is foolishness at best, and a prelude to a greater war at worst.

    Again, thanks for your comment.

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