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Who’s Important?

Wyoming Catholic College (and there is at least one other, maybe more) is moving back to a time when communication was face-to-face or not at all. I think I like that.

While technology has allowed us to be “available” 24/7, handle “emergencies” quickly, and find someone no matter where they may be, there are untold downsides.

No cell phones! WCC has other restrictions as well (Wi-Fi, Internet, etc.) but they are attempting to help students return to a time when talking with someone, or being alone, had a chance at success.

“We’ve all have the experience where you are talking to someone and their phone goes off, or their text goes off, and they stop talking to you and begin talking with someone who is not there,” Tonkowich [Dean of Students at Wyoming Catholic College, Jonathan Tonkowich] said. “I’m worried about that direction in our society, where people you aren’t with are more important than the people you are with.” (Yahoo News)

I am old enough to remember when my conversations were not interrupted by cell phones. I can remember when I didn’t have the capability of being contacted 24/7. I admit that I don’t like being distracted when I am in the middle of a conversation. But, I also want the people who “need” me to be able to contact me immediately. It is a real conundrum.

Discipline is an answer. Practicing llove is an answer. Patience is an answer. Learning to concentrate on the conversation at hand is vital, and attempting to do two things (in communication) at the same time is not necessarily a skill.

When you are with someone you care about (and you should care about everyone you are with), be WITH them. Don’t wander technologically. I’ve noticed the Savior did not have a cell phone – and was often “out of contact.”

P.S. I will not be writing a post for the next few days. I am taking a few (two) days of vacation. I understand the Preacher will be hanging on to his cell phone though, so call him if you need to contact me.

Thanks,                                                                                                                                       Christian

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